Swiss Casinos Holdings AG operates Casino Schaffhausen and five others. It is located in Herrenacker 7, Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Once you get close, you can notice its Las Vegas-style glamour. Ideally, it is one of the casinos located in a space that is supported by great views, hotels, and all types of amenities.


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You have nothing to worry about when going to have fun at this Swiss casino.


Overview of Casino Schaffhausen

This Swiss casino is easy to access from the Zurich airport; you can utilize cab services, train, or catch a bus. Upon getting to the town, you can visit a few places waiting for the casinos to open. For example, you can check out the Schaffhausen Old Town area, which has Gothic and baroque styles of houses. Besides, there are centers for shopping, and you can still visit the High Gothic Saint Johann Church. Additionally, you can still visit the Munot Fortress, which is always open to the general public.

Once you get to the casino, there is much you can do. Primarily, you can play the casino game of your preference in the gaming rooms. Also, you can enjoy drinks at the Gatsy Bar when you are not spinning the machines. There are live events for music, comedy, and cocktail parties in the casino. Notably, the casino opens from 12:00 – 02:00 from Sundays to Thursdays, while on Friday to Saturday, they open from 12:00 – 04:00.

Contact & Location

Address: Herrenacker 7, 8200 Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Phone: +41 52 630 30 30

Games Offered At The Casino

The Swiss Casino Schaffhausen has great games for you. In fact, most of these games have good returns. Thus, good gameplay might offer great profits. However, it is good to have a budget for your gaming activities. In this casino, there are the following games;

The customer care team can help you with the minimum bets and much more details. You can pay using MasterCard, Visa, or even cash at the counter.


Playing casino games feels great when accompanied by some fine drinks. Happily, the bar in this land-based Swiss casino caters to that. Thus, what you will need would be accommodation. And because this is of high importance, here are restaurants offering accommodation at good rates;

  1. Hotel Park Villa
  2. Hotel 2B
  3. Sorel Hotel Rueben
  4. La Piazza

Casinos Nearby

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  2. Casino Zurich


Playing casino games is fun if you do it in a deluxe casino that offers more than just gaming. Remember, you need to unwind properly with dining, wining, and gaming being on top of the bucket list. This casino has variants of the most popular casino games. This means you can enjoy the different casino games while you enjoy great drinks from the bar. Notably, you will be able to find accommodation from the nearby hotels at good rates. Also, the area enjoys security. Thus, you have nothing to worry about when going to have fun at the Casino Schaffhausen.

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